Noel Gallagher will edit an Oasis music album. Without brother Liam

Noel Gallagher decided to release a record with songs by Oasis who never saw the light of day. Fans are disappointed: Liam is not part of the project.

Noel Gallagher will edit an album of old Oasis songs. His brother, Liam, will not be involved in the project.

In a statement to Matt Morgan’s podcast, Noel said he has a total of 14 songs in hand, which he will re-record.

“They have been put aside over the years. Some are very old”, he explained. “I looked at the line-up and thought, ‘I would have played this differently’. It’s been very interesting.

“If I play a song once and connect to it, it stays there forever,” he continued. “Sometimes I forget little things but, years later, I’m playing something and I remember it belonged to a melody of mine”.

It’s still unclear, however, whether any of her former colleagues in the Oasis – besides Liam – will be involved in this project.

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