Noel Gallagher will edit an Oasis music album. Without brother Liam

Noel Gallagher decided to release a record with songs by Oasis who never saw the light of day.

Fans are disappointed: Liam is not part of the project.

Noel Gallagher will edit an album of old Oasis songs. His brother, Liam, will not be involved in the project.

In a statement to Matt Morgan’s podcast, Noel said he has a total of 14 songs in hand, which he will re-record.

“They have been put aside over the years. Some are

British musicians fear they can’t tour Europe and talk about “shame”.

Brexit will allow some trips without visa but not for music industry professionals. Radiohead, Elton John, Ed Sheeran or Iron Maiden claim that Boris Johnson spoke to them “shamefully” and ask for a review of the agreement

Singers Elton John, Ed Sheeran, Liam Gallagher and Sarah Connolly are among the hundred British artists who sign a letter of protest against the bureaucratic obstacles, provided for in the ‘Brexit’ agreement, to be able to tour Europe

The list of subscribers to …