This page is dedicated for all of us music lovers to connect with each other. Feel free to engage, ask questions and talk with each other. Our goal is really to get everyone engaged and talking about the magic of music. Our only request here is that we all do our best to keep this page a fun and open environment. Rude, sexist and discriminatory remarks are definitely not allowed here.  


Renee, 26 


I am so happy to have found this page. Finally, I can indulge my love for music without spending a lot of money. Instead of the usual amounts I spend to source for that rare music collection, I will just donate the money to keep this website going. I hope everyone can also help out so that Here We Go Magic can continue providing its services to all of us music lovers.  


Jake, 33 


Oh yeah, we all should do what we can to keep Here We Go Magic operating. For the past 10 years and more, they have literally been run by the owners out of their own pockets because of their love for music. I hope we can all do the same and contribute. If we do our share, then Here We Go Magic will continue operating and will even continue upgrading their services for all of us.  


Leinard, 30 


I agree with Renee and Jake. I just sent an email to to send my donation. I hope everyone will send theirs as well. It doesn’t matter what the amount is. What little you can contribute will already go a long way towards keeping this website operating.  




Thank you so much Renee, Jake and Leinard. All of your efforts are extremely appreciated. Yes, any and all donations will go directly to funding this website’s operations. Thank you so much.