Blog 2 

Why I Love Music 


Each of us has our own story to tell on why we love music. Here’s mine. I hope that this starts a series of contributions from each one of you on your experience with music, and discuss with us how it was able to enrich your life.  


I am an only child. I never had a sibling to play with and I never had that much friends when I was just a child. I was also very shy so it takes me awhile to make friends and really warm up to someone. 


This is why ever since I was a kid, my only companion was music. My parents were workaholic and busy people so I was usually left alone at home. All I did was the entire day was rummage through my parents’ tape collection. Yes, I am that old. I used to play my parent’s audio tapes, listen to music all day long and imagine myself in as the person in the lyrics or even the person to whom the music was being sang to. I rejoiced with all the happy beats and felt sad and angry when it comes to the soulful and thrumming music. You could say that music was really my solace.  


But you know, it actually became my life saver in my early teens. You see, I was hit by a car on my way home from school. It was a freak accident really. I was walking on the sidewalk when this car just suddenly swerved and I was hit. I lost both of my legs that day. And I also lost hope and became very angry.  


But, my mom started playing music by my bedside. It soothed me and helped me recover. Through music, I found my life again and started my path to recovery.