About Us 

In 2004, we, a group of music lovers came together to discuss creating a website for us and for like-minded people. For us, music was very important. It fed our soul and drove our creativity. However, we found it difficult to access some types of music and we had to scour long and hard to be able to find it.  


As such, we strove to create an online library that would be the most comprehensive source of music. We started talking with musician friends to allow us to feature their music in our website. We also started discussions with music producers and some big brands and they actually gave us a license to publish their music.  


Now, more than a decade hence, our humble beginnings has resulted to this website that has become the ultimate source of music online. Now, you can’t just play music, you can also download them. If you create your own account here in this website, you can even make a playlist for yourself and save all of your favourite music in folders. We even have an app that you can download in order to easily access the music that you have saved and stream it directly on your mobile device. We have really come a long way and this website has grown by leaps and bounds.  


Of course all of these developments would not have been possible without your support. Here We Go Magic would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making all of these possible, for making a small dream come true for all of us.  


Know, however, that we do not really earn money from maintaining this website. As was the case from the beginning, maintaining this website has been a labor of love. We hope the you will consider becoming our Patron by contacting us.